Who we are


At the dawn of a globalization and liberalization of commercial markets, it seems imperative to encourage values of mutual aid and equality between emerging and industrialized countries. It is in the perspective of creating a more united and fair world that the Groupe de Collaboration Internationale en ingénierie de l’Université de Sherbrooke (GCIUS) formulates and organizes engineering projects which ensure the sustainable development of needing communities.


Having now completed ten projects, the GCIUS wouldn’t know the success it has met today without the support and contribution of the academic community, the Engineering Faculty, the Carrefour de Solidarité Internationale (CSI), the club des petits déjeuners, the Uniterra program, the Sherbrooke population and the businesses which support and inspire it in its approach.

Furthermore, the GCIUS has demonstrated that it has a major impact in Peruvian, Burkinabe, Malawian and Québécois communities. Our mission is to bring to fruition sustainable projects allowing us to observe GCIUS’s long term impacts. We continually work with durability as our first criteria so as to ensure the viability of our projects.

We would therefore like to invite you to consult GCIUS’s guiding principles, previous projects, dynamic team, repercussions as well as the direct benefits associated with our activities.

The GCIUS Team