If everything continues to go well, we should be able to complete everything before leaving. The foundations filling and compacting have been completed since today and we are very happy about it. Note that it was necessary to work this Sunday, November 4th, which is why I was not able to publish the article earlier. A new video format is born this year: The Bonsai Chronicle! Not exceeding a minute, these chronicles will aim to share our daily lives very explicitly with lightness. The first video will be shared this week.

Foundations filling completed

To live in Tamale without traveling a lot is to accept and understand the ups and downs of the life that is offered to us. We do not want to visit as many places as possible, but rather discover the hidden facets of local life. Too often, traveling abroad is associated with the desire to become an accomplished explorer. What we want to develop is not our bank of photographic memories, but rather relationships with humans we meet. They are often the first and the last that mark each of our days. Above all, we want to develop relationships where everyone feels privileged.

Women from the local community

Like an unresolved Rubik cube, the paths leading to the completion of the project are numerous, improbable and very sinuous. Nothing is ever gained, whether in terms of relationships or planned tasks. One thing is certain, the GCIUS 2018 project is very instructive in the management of manpower, monetary resources and materials. To you, members of the GCIUS 2019 edition, it will be a great pleasure for us to share with you all these experiences to improve the quality of your stay in the next fall. To you, families and friends, prepare yourselves mentally to many anecdotes (pertinently impertinent) that we can not wait to share with you around a good winter hot chocolate. Personally, I discovered inside me a human side often preventing me from deciding objectively (and economically) when a decision concerns the salary of an employee, for example. Although we want to be generous, it is impossible to go beyond a certain point and it is very difficult to verbalize to those who would like a better recognition, very often monetary.

Work is going faster !

For those of you who care about improving the well-being of our planet and its people, get ready for an adventure full of emotion. Beyond time and days passing by, something much more significant is happening right before our eyes. Cherish the present moment with all your heart, it is only in this one that you will know how to enjoy life in all its facets whether they are happy or not.

It’s hot, the mood is good !

Jordan Laroche